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Sarah Jolk

Visual Artist

Grow Your Vision

EmpowerMe Arts Owner, Entrepreneur, Visual and Musical Artist and Leadership Trainer; Sarah Jolk, is ready to empower you with her years of leadership and communications education and experience building multiple businesses, consulting ministries, non-profits, educators and more.  


Sarah knows just how much the WHOLE person must be empowered for any leader to succeed.  

Are you ready to be fully EMPOWERED?


Photo By: Adam Mowery Photography 


Sarah (Klute) Jolk is a worship leader, songwriter, musician, and artist passionate about leading others into the presence of God. She has a pastor's heart and longs to see artists of all types EMPOWERED to walk in their gifts, reflecting the excellent creativity of The Creator. Sarah has her M.A. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Christian leadership. She is a game-changer and can not wait to work with you.  

Sarah and her husband Kalen are based in Black Diamond, WA.

"I have had the privilege of watching Sarah grow and have been impressed to say the least of the amazing leader she is today.  She is a hard worker, task oriented, and meets deadlines extremely well.  Her voice is flexible and well trained, with a unique clarity and soulfulness to it.  Her worship style is passionate and spiritually moving with a wonderful adaptability to whatever culture or environment she is in.  She is an undeniable asset to whatever team she is on." -Josh Headley, Lead Pastor, Revive Church, Auburn ,WA

"(I) wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of Sarah Klute to you and your congregation.  Her ministry here at GeneratiONE Church Charlotte was a tremendous blessing to our people as she shared with conviction and boldness, yet with a spirit of humility as she led in praise and worship.  I sensed a wonderful integrity about Sarah that not only showed while she was ministering to a very diverse congregation, but also in our private conversations as well.  She seemed to have a genuine love for souls, and a desire to see people won into the Kingdom of God.  It is often difficult to find ministers of this caliber today."  

-Quinn Rodgers, GeneratiONE Church Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 

"Over the past year our church has come to know and love Sarah Jolk.  She possesses the gifting and talent that make her a highly qualified worship director.  Sarah has a range of skills from directing, exhorting and teaching.  On several occasions during guest leading Sarah has shown her ability to be led by the Spirit of God and take the congregation deeper in their worship experience.  I know Sarah to be Spirit-filled and along with her seminary background, she shows the necessary skills to lead a team...her team-player attitude and commitment to the body of Christ are what keep us inviting her back." Annie Wachter, Co-Pastor Grace Road Church, Black Diamond, WA 

"Sarah is a gifted singer, musician, and has been a huge blessing to our church family through a season of major transition.  Sarah has a great ability to lead a congregation in a style they are comfortable with while pointing them to Christ and expanding their vision for what true worship is.  Her personality and leadership gifting allowed her to easily integrate with worship team members from our church and quickly gain the trust of both the team members and the congregation as a whole." - Andrew Fouche, Senior Pastor, Sunset Community Church, Renton, WA

"Sarah has been a guest worship leader with our church family over the past years and has proven to be a caring and skilled shepherd for our church family.  Her vocal ability is both impressive and inspiring.  She has a keen ear to the Spirit and a graceful way of moving people from the distraction of everday life into an awareness of the presence of God."

-  David Docuson, Head Pastor, Center City Church, Charlotte, NC 

Photo By: Adam Mowery Photography 


Sarah is also a visual artist and worked as producer with

Adam Mowery Photography

to create this new perspective on the Nativity story.  




Lake Sawyer Church, 5-19-19
Lake Sawyer Church, 3-17-19
Christmas Eve 2017 at Maple Valley Presbyterian Church
Worship Set Maple Valley Presbyterian Church 2-11-2018
"One Thing Remains" by Jesus Culture sung by Sarah Jolk
"Do What You Want To" by Vertical Church Band sung by Sarah Jolk


Sarah is a part of the band and vocal team at Winston-Salem First Assembly and sings with two Gospel Choirs.  She is able to put together a band of professional musicians and vocalists for 

  • Retreats and Conferences 

  • Non-Worship Events (Jazz, Blues, R&B, Pop and other styles available) 

  • Private Events 



Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi

Booking Info

Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


Sarah is self-accompanied on piano or acoustic guitar.  She is able to put together a band of professional musicians and/or vocalists for:

  • Worship Services 

  • Retreats and Conferences 

  • Non-Worship Events (Jazz, Blues, R&B, Pop and other styles available) 

  • Private Events 




Sarah has a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is well-equipped to speak at retreats, conferences, and events as well.  Her specialties include: 

  • Worship and Arts 

  • Women's groups 

  • Youth 




Able to provide equipment if needed.  To request a rider please fill out the contact information box on the main page.  






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